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MyStaff Training is a software instrument designed for:


Defining annual training plan

  • designing the curricula necessary for employees in order to achieve the desired level of competence;
  • employees and managers can view specific course catalog and other relevant trainings;
  • scheduling the training sessions. 


Course tracking 

  • evaluation and tracking of the training activities in the company;
  • real time monitoring  of the entire process of employees development.


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Easy management of resources and students

  • the management of all resources included: trainer, classroom, etc.;
  • direct involvement of employee and manager through Self Service platform;
  • managing assessment methods associated to training courses;
  • logistic automation and reporting – locations, trainers and centralized feedback;
  • constant access to historical training sessions for each employee.

Cost management and supplier management

  • easy management of the total cost of the program with analysis tool;
  • full control over the supplier list and over the training programs.


beneficii-angajati MyStaff Training Benefits:

    124  Matching the delivered skills through training courses, with each employee;

    124  Flexible to specific needs, easy to use;

    124  The possibility to register according to the training program or self enrollment by ESS;

    124 Streamlines the process steps and offers transparency over the courses;

    124  KPI defining, reports and specific indicators.

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