Smart Update July 2016: New bulletin referring to labour and fiscal legislation in HR

smartreeA new Emergency Government Ordinance 32/2016 has been published into the Official Gazette of Romania Part I no. 488 dated 30.06.2016 for the amendment of the Fiscal Code.

The amendment refers to a new category of natural persons, exempted from the payment of tax on income. As such, the natural persons who obtain salaries from performing applied research and development activities and/or technological development shall be exempted from the payment of tax on income.

The specific conditions under which such exemption will be applied shall be included in a common order of certain ministries, to be approved and issued until the above amendment enters into force, i.e. starting with the incomes obtain for August 2016.

Download  all the information regarding the new bulletin referring to labour legislation, fiscal legislation and other laws concerning the HR management:

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