The recruitment and the selection process involves a lot of time and resource consuming. We offer you practical solutions for optimizing or even eliminate the costs associated with the talent recruitment and selection.

Why should choose recruitment services?
Guarantee benefits

An extensive network of middle and top management level specialists, permanently updated;

Direct Search & Head Hunting;

✔ Access to MyStaff Recruitment – recruitment software for tracking the candidates, the process evolution and the specific KPI;

✔ Management of complete recruitment and selection process;

Recruitment process personalization, according to our every client’s needs and the specifics of the industry – the recruitment model meets your needs and improves your organizational performance;

The reallocation of time and resources for recruitment to internal human resources processes (on-boarding, motivation, training, retention and performance development);

Quality: Smartree is certified ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management System for activities of recruitment.

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When you know you need Smartree recruitment services

Difficult situations in recruitment, when you feel overwhelm:

✔ I receive dozens of resumes, but none of them is relevant for my current employment requests;

✔ We hired so many people lately, but none of them proved to be suited for our company;

✔ I know there are a lot of good professionals on the market, but how should I find them?

Recruitment and selection standard

The recruitment process will no longer last forever because, from now on, we offer our full professional support and expertise. We search for the specialists you need and, after we conduct the interviews, we introduce you exclusively to the ones most suitable for your industry specifics, job opening criteria and organizational cultural frame. This is how we insure a long-term relationship between your company and your new employee.

The development opportunities in your company get to the best professionals – this way we can guarantee to have selected the most competent, talented and motivated future employee.

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