Smart Update – March 2011

Smart Update – Unified Public Pensions System

Data: 29.03.2011

The Decision no. 257 on the unified public pensions system includes regulations on the methodology for determining and calculating types of pensions.


Smart Update – Organization of Gambling

Data: 4.03.2011

The organization and operation of gambling was amended by Decision 150. See the amendments and the interpretations of the specialist, download Smart Update.


Smart Update – Issuance of Work Cards

Data: 14.03.2011

The work procedure for issuing work cards which was kept and completed by labor inspectorates and testified the legality of records was approved by Order 1083/2011.


Smart Update – Budgetary Claims Administration

Data: 3.03.2011

The Emergency Ordinance no. 17 on administration of budgetary claims establishes mainly the collection of the fee due by ITM and restates some provisions of Law no. 76/2002.


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