Temporary Work


Change of Direction in Temporary Work

The temporary work services is entering a new era by using technology as a tool to increase efficiency and transparency between companies by using temporary employees and temporary work agent.


When Do You Know You Need Temporary Work

The need of personnel leasing is created by specific situations:

✔ Our accountant is soon to enter her maternity leave. What are we going to do? Who’s going to do her job as well as she does?

✔ How can I hire 50 more people for the call center in this busy period with this year’s restriction on the number of employees?

✔ I have a company in another country and I need Romanian specialists, but I don’t want to open a branch in Romania.

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8 Benefits of Personnel Leasing

Through its HR management software, Smartree offers a complete package of integrated services of temporary work:

MyStaff Self Service✔ The temporary employees access personal and employment data through an online portal (web-based application).

MyStaff Recruitment✔ The client manages recruitment projects via an online portal that aims the recruitment process and optimizes the allocated costs and time to each project.

MyStaff Reporting✔ A very important element in the service area is the management reports for temporary work clients. For companies that also benefit of payroll and HR administration services, they have access to consolidated reports.

MyStaff Time✔ The time & attendance of the permanent and temporary employees is automated through an online module so that the collection of presents and absences becomes more efficient. In addition, the software is configured and adapted to the specifics of each company: from production to office and retail.

Gestionarea angajatilor✔ Smartree, as rightful employer, manages the entire temporary employment process and related procedures (labor agreements, time sheets, salary payments, health and safety).

✔ Temporary employees recruitment.

Expertiza legislativa✔ Individual labor agreement between Smartree and the temporary employee that works in the benefit of our client.

✔ Support and expertise in labor legislation.

Administrative Facilities through Temporary Work

Work overload periods, permanent employees’ days off or maternity leaves no longer create discontinuity or time pressure on the daily activities from now on. We offer temporary employees to rely on when needed. Smartree will handle the entire recruitment and replacement processes.

Once you have a temporary employee working for your company, you don’t need to modify your salary-dedicated budgets or to lower our permanent staff salaries to accommodate the temporary salary expenses, because we have the temporary employee registered on our payroll and we handle all the rightful obligations towards him/her. This way, business goes on as usual – mutually profitable and risk free. If, by the end of the contracted period, you decide that the temporary employee performs well and fits our organization’s profile, you have the possibility to employ him/her permanently.

Obtain more through temporary work services integrated with Smartree tehnology!

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