Personnel administration

The personnel administration process is resources and time consuming, especially in situations where the number of employees is considerably. The automation and the outsourcing of personnel administration is a solution with instant benefits.

Benefits of
personnel administration outsourcing

The personnel administration can often create obstacles in the effective exercise of HR. Therefore you should consider the instant benefits in personnel administration outsourcing:

✔ up to 75% reduction of bureaucracy in the registration documents

automate employee document processing.

Revisal processing, with legal compliance.

✔ availability of internal resources to activities that add value to the company

productivity growth in personnel administration documents processing.

safety – we guarantee the confidentiality of all processed data.

quality: Smartree is certified ISO 9001: 2008 for activities of personnel administration.

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Solutions for personnel administration

Personnel administration services for situations that give you headaches:

✔ Qualified human resources specialist temporarily or permanently assigned at the client’s headquarters.

✔ Dedicated contact person for the client’s employees to refer to for their needs and requests.

✔ Online employees platform that allows individual and secure access to personal information, requests management or personal information adjustments.

✔ Online management platform that allows control in due time, tracking every employee’s background and sustaining human resources management decisions.

Proffesional personnel administration

Personnel administration outsourcing means assuming the whole process by Smartree:

Personnel documents: documents (addenda, employment contracts, contract termination decisions, seniority certificates, Revisal), representing the client in relation to the Labor Inspection;

Filing personnel documents (original and current): document scanning, electronic indexing, electronic archiving, physical archiving, storage.

The personnel administration process now means concrete results! Smartree is here to insure smooth relationships with both employees and state authorities, so that the personnel administration activities will no longer be an entry on your daily tasks planner.

Thus, your company will have a dedicated HR specialist from our team, qualified for collection and emission of labour documents, for documents registration with labour state authorities, for state authorities relationship management on the behalf of our company and for issuing the HR documents requested by your employees.

You will surely enjoy the efficiency and the coordination of the personnel administration processes!

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