Payroll Outsourcing Services through Proprietary HR Software

Salary calculation is a must in your business. But you can do more with it. And the payroll could do more for you.

An easiest and fastest payroll improves compliance with all legal aspects and leads to an optimized human resources management.

The salary calculation doesn’t mean only paying employees. All aspects of your business interact and are influenced by payroll functions.

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10 Benefits of Payroll Outsourced to Smartree

Optimization: fast and accurate payroll through Smartree services;

Flexibility: adaptation of the payroll process to the specifics of your company;

Compliance: low risk in processing salaries – accurate payroll, according to the legislation;

Safety: controlled access to payroll data;

Security: secure storage database – Smartree is certified ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System;

Automation: automatic transfer of data in the accounting system;

Centralization: hourly, daily and monthly enhanced time&attendence module, which is the basis for calculating the salary of each employee;

Control: reporting system on labor costs per worker, department, company, group of companies or cost centers;

Quality: Smartree is certified ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management System for the activities of payroll and personnel administration, temporary work, recruitment and other human resources consulting services;

Recognition: over 150 customers chose Smartree for payroll outsourcing services.

Discover how outsourcing payroll can be a catalyst in transforming your business. Smartree has over 15 years’ experience as a provider of payroll services for medium and large companies and proves its expertise every day, through the results obtained by over 85 specialists in payroll, personnel administration and HR software solutions.

We also handle professionally the two dimensions of salary calculation: the exchanges between the company and its employees and the communication and reporting flow between the company and state authorities. All you need to do is review the reports and, in the meanwhile, you direct your full attention to human resources planning, strategies, personnel motivation and development.

Get more from HR and salary calculation outsourcing services through integration with Payroll Module from Smartree software and professional answers to all HR requirements. It is time to rethink the payroll. Are you ready?

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