MyStaff Flexible Benefits



MyStaff Flexible Benefits is a software tool designed to:


Manage the benefits catalogue

  • defines and manages the types of flexible benefits;
  • configures the company rules regarding the eligibility of the employees for benefits;
  • setting rules for making hypothetical calculation used to determine the total cost (employee tax fees vs. employer);
  • configures the recurrent benefits or those generated by personal events (marriage, birth, death, etc.);
  • sets the maximum limit for employee benefits.


Self -Service enrollment in the employee benefits program

  • offers each employee the opportunity to use the self-service enrollment in a flexible benefits program according to preferences;
  • communicates through automatic notifications;
  • the employees can see in real time:

– a complete list of the flexible benefits that employees can access;
– the maximum amount available without exceeding the limit;
– the total cost generated by the selected benefits;


Manage vendors, partners and third parties providers

  • the administration of the supplier’s catalog;;
  • supervising the quality of the service provided;
  • costs registration.

Motivation according to employees performance

  • configures the algorithms according to employee performance;
  • correlates these algorithms with payroll and taxes;
  • allows campaign settings in order to select the desired benefits; the campaign can be annually / monthly /occasionally set.

Centralized reporting 

  •  reporting to the HR department regarding the evolution of the benefits access program;
  • reporting to the Payroll department regarding the benefits that will be introduced in payroll calculation.
  • reporting to the Finance department regarding the selected benefits, amount and distribution of the cost center.


  • integration of the campaigns in payroll calculation;
  • transmission of the recurrent flexible benefits that need to be taxed by wage system for each employee;
  • connecting to performance management systems (CRM, ERP, et.).

The advantages of use MyStaff Flexible Benefits:

beneficii-angajati   124  Gives employees autonomy in the choice of flexible benefits packages suitable for their needs;

    124  Manages the process of joining the flexible benefits programs for the entire organization;

    124  Simplifies and automates the enrolling of the employees in periodic campaigns;

    124  Provides a comprehensive view of employee engagement in the selection process of benefits;

    124  Facilitates the communication with employees;

    124  Transparency of overall cost for employees;

    124  Defining budget and the allocation in position / department level.

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